According to the Congressional Budget Office, the cost of Healthcare in 2009 was $2.9 trillion and expected to rise by 2015 to $4trillion.  
Who bears the majority of that cost in our society?  BUSINESSES large and small...
Encouraging healthy behaviors is the strategy for decreasing healthcare costs now and in the future.  Empower your employees by providing the education they need to live a healthy lifestyle and navigate the healthcare system when needed. 

Healthcare Reform Education:  know how it impacts you.

Course Description:
This course is designed to guide you through the changes expected with the new Healthcare Reform Laws of 2010.  With all the debate around the reform changes and states excercising thier rights to appeal, we are bound by law to implement the guidelines provided in the new law.  Recommended for all healthcare consumers.
Course Length:
3 hours
Available Dates:
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Course Fees:
5-10 participants $500.00*
                                               10-20 participants $700.00*
                                               20-25 participants $1000.00*
                                               *Course fees include cost of speaker.  Client must provide classroom and audio visual equipment. 

Various Healthcare Education Lectures

Course Titles:
Overview of Healthcare in America
Health Insurance Basics
Healthcare Truths:  Flying is safer
Getting More from your Doctor
Healthcare Professionals:  What do they really think?
3 Killers in America:  Obesity, Immobility, and Smoking

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